Cells to Cosmos

Being in everyday commotion of meeting people cribbing about their day to day lives, I request all readers to observe a moment of gratitude for all the unseen and coveted blessings we all(that’s right you read it right each and everyone of us) have been blessed with. Did you know, a simple breathing mechanism requires coordination of several multitude of your bodies mechanism to work in perfect coordination with themselves and one another. You’d be amazed to know that the birth and death cycle occurs within each and every cell and they rejuvenate you every 7 years. You are no longer the same person that you were seven years ago. Isn’t this amazing.

Everyday as we wake up, its our birth duty to treat ourselves right by providing this body proper nutrition to this temple inside of us called our body. It is where we rest, we work, we think, we as a mass of trillion cells that strive to bring us into being, work in coordination and make us what we are and who we are. Let’s be proud of who we have been taught to be and stand up for ourselves and face the world in all its glory. Forget people’s comments and don’t get carried away by either praises or abuses for all that is fleeting. The way we react to other’s shows about who we are and not of the other person. Celebrate the temple called body every minute of life by nourishing it well and keeping it happy and trust me you’ll be amazed at what it gives you back in the form of glowing youth, serenity and healthy body.

In direct contrast is the concept of cosmos. It is everything far beyond what we think, and we believe we see is what we know of what exists up above us. One of the most amazing principles of cosmos happen in spaces that cannot be conceived and comprehended by our minds. To understand the multitude of mechanisms occurring inside our cells and in cosmos its impossible to even then understand every miniscule theory relating to its functioning without taking into account an extreme magic playing its hands in it.

Being an engineer, I’ve often pondered into several reactions between elements trying to understand a certain element and how it reacts under fluctuating extremes of conditions and I concluded, well getting a deeper understanding only unveils the fact that known is a drop and unknown is ocean. As it must be obvious by now that my interests are to create awareness on this beautiful things of life I’d welcome anyone who shares similar passion to drop in and say hi or share any comments.

Click here to find an interesting video from Macrocosm to Microcosm.


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